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The Benefits of Fluoride

As an element in preventive dental care plans, fluoride is a natural mineral found in a few foods and liquids. As a bonus, fluoride may also be onto the teeth to produce additional oral benefits. Fluoride can fight off tooth decay by the teeth more resistant to buildup. Fluoride can also reinforce the tooth's framework to help reduce the initial phases of decay. Local areas that put fluoride in their water supplies generally have fewer instances of cavities among their residents. These perks of fluoride have been recognized by the () and various other important organizations. At DentalWorks - Hyperlingo, we are excited to perform regular fluoride services for adults and children of all age groups. To hear more about how fluoride may improve your dental health, contact us for a consultation with Dr. Dentist Two in City, ST.

Ideal Candidates for Fluoride Treatments

Kids, teens, and adults might all be ideal candidates for professional fluoride treatments. They could help prevent tooth decay in kids with baby teeth or adults who are more prone to cavities. City, ST patients who do not drink fluoridated water might additionally benefit from regular applications. can offer fluoride treatments for people who are at an increased chance for cavities, such as teens or adults who have traditional braces or have (). Fluoride treatments could additionally work to reduce tooth tenderness and protect vulnerable enamel, which is more prone to decay.

What to Expect With Fluoride Treatments

DentalWorks - Hyperlingo has a mix of fluoride types and varieties to these treatments easy for all patients. Fluoride applications are commonly conducted every half a year right after a thorough cleaning and dental exam. When your fluoride flavor is picked, our staff will prepare the fluoride as either a foam, gel, varnish, or liquid. The treatment will be left on the teeth for under 5 minutes, based on the formulation, to give the treatment time to penetrate your teeth. To receive the best possible benefits from your session, you might need to wait a minimum of 30 minutes before eating and drinking.

Fluoride Treatment Aftercare

Queasiness may develop when any fluoride is accidentally swallowed, but this should diminish roughly one day after your session. In some cases, might offer fluoride supplements or dentist-approved fluoridated toothpaste to increase your fluoride intake. Because fluoride is known to be dangerous in high amounts, parents must be sure to keep fluoride substances off limits to children. Even though fluoride treatments help to ward off damage, it remains important to brush using fluoridated products twice a day. Our dental care providers also encourage you to have routine oral assessments and cleanings at DentalWorks - Hyperlingo so can check your total oral wellness.

Insurance Coverage for Fluoride Treatments

Regular fluoride treatments could be covered by your dental insurance plan. Our office's billing staff will look over your family's insurance benefits and help you get the most out of your policy. If you have any additional costs, our staff will talk about the numerous payment methods taken at DentalWorks - Hyperlingo or help you find medical payment plans.

FAQs About Fluoride Treatment

1. What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral found in the bones and teeth that helps to strengthen enamel. It is used in supplements, toothpaste, mouth rinses, and dental fluoride treatments to improve oral health.

2. What happens during a fluoride treatment?

After a dental exam and routine dental cleaning, the teeth are dried fully to avoid diluting the strength of the fluoride. The treatment is administered by gel, foam, or paint-on varnish that is left on the teeth for a few minutes. Once the treatment is complete, you must be careful to spit out all of the fluoride from the mouth.

3. How often can you have fluoride treatment?

A fluoride treatment is usually given every six months after a dental cleaning and exam. However, it can be recommended more often if a patient has weakened enamel or is prone to cavities.

4. Are there side effects if fluoride is consumed?

While fluoride is naturally-occurring, when consumed in large amounts, it can cause serious health conditions. Dental fluorosis occurs when you consume too much fluoride while your teeth are still forming underneath the gums. This can result in white spots on the tooth's surface. This condition usually affects children under the age of 8 who are the most likely to swallow toothpaste.

5. How long should I wait to eat after a fluoride treatment?

To allow the fluoride to penetrate the enamel, you should not eat, drink, or smoke for at least a half-hour after a fluoride treatment.

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Fight Tooth Decay WIth Fluoride

Keep up the condition of your tooth enamel when you schedule professional fluoride applications at DentalWorks - Hyperlingo. advises fluoride treatments for children, young adults, and mature patients to improve the teeth, defend against cavities, and reduce early signs of erosion. Call our practice in City, ST to arrange a routine cleaning with a fluoride treatment or to learn more about this excellent dentistry option.

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